Residents living on a road in Wimbledon have been slapped with £130 fines for driving in and out of their own street.

Neighbours on Crescent Road are calling on Merton Council to make changes to their School Street scheme which has been implemented on their road. 

The introduction of school streets, see cars restricted during the school’s morning drop off and afternoon pick up times, during term times only.

But residents said that although they understand that the scheme will help the environment, the implementation has been nothing short of "draconian".

They said they have had difficulty applying for exemption passes, can no longer car share or get their family members to help with the school pick-up.

Mother Daniela said she feels "penalised" for having primary age kids and working.

She says she was fined when she couldn't get home from work and asked her mother to drive from Surrey to look after the children last minute.

This Is Local London: Daniela pictured with her children Daniela pictured with her children

"I can no longer carpool and this will affect the after-school-activities my children can attend," she said.

I am powerless to challenge this as the council’s standard letter doesn’t address our issues at all.”

Another resident said: "At the moment it is very difficult to use our street for two and a quarter hours of each business day.

"This seems much longer than necessary and longer than many of the other school streets in Merton.

"On Friday's the girls go home at lunchtime but this is not reflected in the restricted times."

Residents have since written a joint letter to Wimbledon MP Stephen Hammond, asking for his help.

The letter read: "We are still in the consultation period - until the end of July – but there is no joined-up thinking between the issuing of the fines and the consultation process.

"In order to register any concerns, you have to make a complaint via the main council website, in the meantime those who receive fines are just expected to pay them.

"These people are just trying to carry out their daily lives: looking after children, volunteering in the community, going to work but are being fined for doing so.

"One resident has noted that under the Human Rights Act people are entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of their homes, and this means without undue interference from the authorities.

"We are writing to you in the hope and expectation that you will be able to influence the process and ensure that Merton Council modify the operation of the current scheme."

This Is Local London: Residents on Crescent RdResidents on Crescent Rd

Stephen Hammond told the Wimbledon Times: "The principal of School Streets is commendable and sensible.

Unfortunately, both the consultation and the implementation by Merton Council has been poor.

"I have had a number of complaints from residents from different parts of Wimbledon about the impact on their lives and lack of sensible application of the regulations.

"I have had a letter signed by Crescent Rd residents and I, as well as, local councillors, are making representations on their behalf.

"I think everyone thinks that exemption application if you live in the road should be easy and you should be able to receive deliveries.

"Merton need to listen to Crescent Road and change their proposals."

Cabinet Member for the Climate Emergency, councillor Martin Whelton, said that all responses to the consultation will be "carefully considered" before any decision is made.

This Is Local London: Councillor Martin Whelton Councillor Martin Whelton

“We are currently holding public consultations on proposals to introduce more school streets, including this one, and would encourage people to have their say," he said.

“School streets, which limit traffic for a short time during drop off and pick up, make the area surrounding the school gates much safer for pupils and their parents and help to improve air quality along with making it safer for children to walk and cycle to school.

“Merton was recently praised by environmental campaigners, the Healthy Streets Scorecard Coalition, for having the highest proportion of school streets of any London borough, with 41 per cent of its schools having traffic restrictions at the start and the end of the school day.

"All residents who have cars registered on Crescent Road are exempt from restriction, with the council also granting several other exemptions which are listed on our website.

"If a resident believes they have been inadvertently issued with a penalty charge notice, they are advised to appeal the decision.”