Two students have started a campaign calling for testing to be stopped on animals.

Maya Hartzel and McKenzie Spinks, who attend Elstree Screen Arts Academy in Borehamwood, are campaigning against cruelty towards animals in cosmetic testing.

They have been raising awareness of the issue within their school and have also launched a fundraiser for the charity Cruelty Free International.

Maya and McKenzie have been selling badges with their campaign logo on at school and a non-uniform day was held on the final day of term in support of their campaign.

They have also created a social media account where they have been networking with cruelty-free cosmetic brands and stores.

This Is Local London:

Maya said: "McKenzie and I had the idea to start this campaign after watching the Save Ralph video that was going around social media with Zac Efron and Ricky Gervais.

"We decided that selling badges would be a great way to raise money and awareness with our school friends so I designed a logo that showed our message visually and that would work well on a circular badge.

"We have been selling the badges at school for £1 and also to our friends and families outside of school.

"We also set up a social media account on Instagram @sat_esa so that we could raise awareness further afield and where we post updates of our campaign. We are donating the money that we raise to Cruelty Free International however there are more charities like this that also help the cause.

"Others can help us raise awareness by sharing our posts on social media."