An 89-year-old woman has hit back after years of being inundated with footballs from a neighbouring Greenwich school.

Molly Bartlett has complained about the “hundreds and hundreds” of footballs that have collected in her garden whilst living next to Halstow Primary School for the past 57 years.

Her daughter, Susie Bartlett, said she had “had enough” of the lack of care shown towards her mother’s property on Halstow road.

“My mum has a beautiful garden. No one has acknowledged the effort she has gone to, there has been no care shown.

“My mum is always pleasant to any children and parents that have called and asked for a ball or shoe. But they have no interest in their elderly neighbour and as her daughter I've had enough. My mum is a lovely caring woman but she is now very shaky on her feet,” said Susie Bartlett.

This Is Local London: Footballs that land in Mrs Bartlett's conservatoryFootballs that land in Mrs Bartlett's conservatory

The primary school told News Shopper they fully understand the frustration and concern caused by children’s balls ending up in our neighbour’s garden.

Headteacher Tom Gray said:

“Children try very hard not to kick the balls too high but unfortunately our small playground does not give us much space and the area of concern is one of the very few flat spaces within the playground.

“We have previously fitted a net to try to solve the problem, which unfortunately became unsafe and we had to remove it. 

"The parent community have also spent some considerable time looking at enhancing the playground and ways of preventing this from happening again; this work has more recently been hampered by COVID-19.”

He said there had also been long periods of time where children have not been able to play with balls in that area, but that parents and children feel that is an unfair solution.

Susie Bartlett said that she was disappointed a compromise had not been achieved.  

“The school could have used this as a way to be cross generational with the young children and encouraged some care and thought for an elderly neighbour,” she said.

"Community is meant to be important to the school."

The school confirmed they are currently working with their premises team to find a solution, and they will be liaising with their neighbour to resolve the issue.