An 88-year-old man has marked a lockdown milestone by counting up empty cans of beer.  

Dennis Williams, from Coulsdon, has kept stock of the dozens of cans of beer he has consumed over the last 16 months to lift his spirits whilst living alone.

With restrictions on seeing friends and family and problems with various health issues, Mr Williams found another way to keep busy.  

According to the grandad of two: “self-isolation makes one tired and thirsty.”

The former carpenter redecorated the summerhouse he built with dozens of beer cans and signs that read “hard up” and “happy.”

Bottles and tins of Abott Ale, Guinness and Old Speckled Hen line the steps, window ledges, and planters.

“His favourite is Doom Bar, but he’ll drink anything available, to be honest,” said his son-in-law, Barry Heffernon.

The 88-year-old’s family said that Mr Williams had shown resilience throughout the lockdown, due to his experience living through the Second World War.

“The project gave him something to do and kept him pepper,” added Mr Heffernon.

“Though, it was more of a question of wanting to empty the cans first!”