TWO residents from Sutton will be supporting NSPCC in line with Childhood Day.

NSPCC’s Childhood Day aims to 'celebrate children' and asks people to host a play event to help fund vital safety services.

We speak to a TV star and charity founder who plan to support the charity on Friday, June 11.

Campaigner Aaron Hearne supports NSPCC and Childline

This Is Local London: AaronAaron

Aaron has put together a team of more than 60 people, who together, aim to cover 453 miles in one day- to represent one mile for every day that Childline supported young people during lockdown.

He also aims to raise £10 for each mile, raising £4,530 in total, to enable Childline volunteers to be there for an additional 1,133 children.

Together, they will wear their NSPCC t-shirts on Friday and will share their photos as they cover the 453 miles between them.

Aaron's passion comes from his charity called The Liam Charity - a tribute to his brother Liam, who he tragically lost to suicide at the age of fourteen.

“The Liam Fund was something I started to make his mark on the world in the hope that people wouldn’t have to go through what he did and my family too," said Aaron.

This Is Local London: Aaron and LiamAaron and Liam

"I wasn’t expecting it to have such an impact on my personal life and naively didn’t realise that this was my way of grieving.

"The more I learn about the NSPCC and Childline’s work, the more I am inspired to push myself and push the fundraising in Liam’s memory to support other young people who might be going what he went through.”

Aaron's co-worker Emily Bennett, will complete eight miles towards the total by walking to locations in Sutton that have a link with Liam.

“I’ve been working for The Liam Charity for almost ten years and when Aaron said he was planning on doing something for Childhood Day I signed up, along with my mum Alison and my sister Jessica," said Emily.

“I was at school at the same time as Liam but in the year below. I will never forget the assembly in which we heard the devastating news about Liam. It sent shockwaves through the whole school and so much further.

“My final stop on my route is to visit Liam, to ensure he knows his legacy lives on. Everything we do, every penny we raise, every young person we support – we do it for Liam.”

To donate visit here.

Egyptologist and broadcaster Dr Chris Naunton plans to host a virtual story-telling session for NSPCC

This Is Local London: ChrisChris

Dr Naunton, 43, is to take part in an online story telling session of his new children’s book – King Tutankhamun Tells All – at 4pm on June 11.

'King Tutankhamun Tells All' explains the story of the life and death of the Boy King in his own words, accompanied by brilliant and witty illustrations.

The discovery of the near-intact tomb of Tutankhamun is widely regarded as the greatest archaeological find of all time.

Excavated by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon in 1922, more than 5,000 artefacts were discovered, including the famous solid gold death mask which now resides in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

“I’m really excited to be able to bring King Tutankhamun to life for the NSPCC’s Childhood Day," said Dr Naunton.

This Is Local London:

"The story of Tutankhamun and his tomb captured my imagination when I was at school and in my professional life I’ve come back to the subject over and over again in my writing, talks and on TV, but this is my first book about him – for younger Egyptologists.

“This is the teenage king’s chance to give his side of the story – a slightly irreverent look at the life and death of a famous pharaoh."

He is asking people to make a donation to the NSPCC in return - here.

To sign up visit here.