Gordon Ramsay has opened his first restaurant of his new chain ‘Street Burger’ outside London. The restaurant opened on April 16th, and has been available to dine in since May 17th. Ramsay already has several restaurants; however, this is his first burger restaurant outside London. To incorporate the ‘street’ effect, the area outside to dine with has been decorated carefully with graffiti, with the restaurant being in the streets in the very center of Woking, hopefully making it a popular attraction.  

The restaurant has several different types of burgers, with Gordon Ramsay saying ‘there is something for everyone,’ For dessert, there will be milkshakes and Sticky Toffee pudding available. All ingredients of the burgers will be sourced from the UK. 

Ramsay already has several chains open in London, and aims to open 10 more restaurants by the summer. Ramsay described his motive for starting his chain as being because ‘we have to be optimistic and forward thinking and invest back into our amazing industry,’ whilst also aiming to ‘boost employment.’ Ramsay lost a substantial amount of money during the pandemic, however is still looking forward to playing his part in the restaurant industry. He aims for an ‘ambitious global expansion,’ as he looks for his restaurants to become more popular.  

On top of this, Ramsay will also open his new cooking academy in Woking, giving the opportunity for young people to be able to learn how to cook like he does, part of Ramsay’s aim for his company to become a global brand, all starting off in his words in ‘beautiful Woking.’