Mayoral hopeful Luisa Porritt yesterday (April 29) visited Bermondsey’s Beer Mile as she called for a “brewery bailout” for London’s independent breweries.

More than 100 independent breweries operate in London, many of which have not received financial support during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Visiting several small breweries in south London yesterday, the Liberal Democrat candidate called on the Government to provide more support to prevent independent businesses “going down the drain”.

Ms Porritt said: “Small breweries are some of the most cherished independent businesses in London. They represent far more than just a pint of beer. They are a source of pride for local communities and at the cutting edge of London’s vibrant hospitality industry.

“The Government’s support for these brewers has been bottom of the barrel. The stop-start lockdowns meant millions of pints were poured away and ministers have ignored their calls for help as debts pile up.

“London is known for its perfect pints but that proud reputation could soon be going down the drain. The Government must step up to support small brewers without delay.”

The Liberal Democrat candidate has called on the Government to provide rent relief for small breweries that have lost high levels of revenue by compensating them for up to 80 per cent of rent costs for six months.

Ms Porritt has also called for a Small Brewers Fund that would provide grants of up to £30,000 to independent brewers that would be distributed by City Hall.