A campaign has been launched to fund a London memorial to all NHS and emergency services workers, including those who have risked or lost their lives during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following a unanimous vote in the London Assembly today, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, along with the chairman of the Assembly, will write to the Prime Minister outlining the case for an Emergency Services Cenotaph and to request funding.

The motion was proposed by Liberal Democrat Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon, who said it was important to honour the “importance to our country” of all NHS and emergency service workers, past, present and future.

Ms Pidgeon said: “Although there are memorials for some emergency service workers around the UK there is not one place to honour all of them and their importance to our country.

“It is time this changed. An emergency services Cenotaph in central London would be a place to reflect, remember and honour the sacrifices made by so many during this last year, as well as honouring all who have served in the emergency services past, present and future.”

The Cenotaph would be the first combined memorial of its kind in the UK and would recognise the two million NHS and emergency service workers who are currently on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Labour Assembly Member Dr Onkar Sahota, who seconded the motion, said: “The efforts of our emergency services and NHS workers and volunteers during this pandemic have been nothing short of extraordinary.

“Whether it’s junior doctors stepping up to do shifts in intensive care wards or firefighters and police officers driving ambulances, frontline staff have gone above and beyond to protect Londoners and many have tragically lost their lives in the process.

“It’s a heroic level of dedication and bravery that we can often take for granted. An Emergency Services Cenotaph would be a permanent reminder of this and a place that the public can pay their respects and honour the history of our blue light services and NHS.

“On top of this, it is vital that we continue pressing the Government to give our police forces, fire brigades and NHS the level of investment they all desperately need, and their workforce fairer pay and better access to mental health services.”