A man from Sutton is raising awareness about ovarian cancer in fears that fewer women are seeking help due to Covid-19.

Paramjit S Hunjan, 67, has been campaigning with charity Target Ovarian Cancer since he first lost his wife to cancer in 2007.

He hopes that he can help more women find early diagnosis by teaming up with charity Target Ovarian Cancer to raise awareness during the pandemic. 

"My wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2007 and sadly we lost her in May 2017 after several years of treatment," said Mr Hunjan.

"Since the loss of my wife 3-years-ago, I am extremely passionate about raising awareness of this disease. 

"She was a very strong person and had lots of will power and managed to serve 10 years from stage 3 cancer, unlike majority of the cases. 

"She has been a tremendous inspiration to me in this fight."

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He added: "Since the detection of Ovarian Cancer is extremely difficult and confusing despite the Covid-19 issues. 

"Statistics indicate that 90% of women are not familiar with the symptoms of this cancer. 

"This means a delay in contacting GPs, which will certainly lead to late diagnoses. 

"The current pandemic has simply added to this delay because women are concerned of catching the virus whilst visiting surgeries and hospital. 

"I have no doubt in my mind that campaigning of symptoms awareness will save more lives by early detection.

"The symptoms of ovarian cancer are; persistent bloating, feeling full quickly and/or loss of appetite, pelvic or abdominal pain, urinary symptoms.

"Other symptoms can include unexpected weight loss, constipation, a change in bowel habits and extreme fatigue. 

"Anyone experiencing these symptoms, and they are not normal for them, should contact their GP.

"It's absolutely crucial to raise awareness during this pandemic."

For more information on how to raise awareness visit Target Ovarian Cancer.