Wandsworth police shut down two illegal raves as London was placed into Tier 4 over the weekend.

Officers were first called to reports of an unlicensed music event at Montserrat Road in Putney, shortly after 10.30 pm on Saturday ( December 19).

Police arrived to the scene and dispersed a 'large group' of people from a building - It was reported that missiles were thrown at officers. 

Met Police confirmed that a Section 35 dispersal order was put in place until 11.40pm.

In the early hours of Sunday, December 20, officers were called by British Transport Police (BTP) about a rave near a train station.

It was reported that the groups were trying to access the rave via the train tracks at Queenstown Road BR station.

British Transport Police temporarily closed the train station to prevent further access to the tracks.

A section 35 dispersal order was also authorised.

Attendees left the venue as further police units arrived and the Unlicensed Music Event was closed down.