A woman got a surprise last weekend when she was reportedly attacked by a deer in Richmond Park, after trying to get a good Instagram photo.

Royal Parks Police shared the photo to their twitter account on Monday (12 October), warning the public to stay at least 50 metres from the animals at all times.

Wearing a summery dress, the woman was approached from behind and appears to be pushed by a wild deer. The Royal Parks Police said:

“This picture, taken on October 11 in Richmond Park, demonstrates why you need to stay 50m away.

“They are wild animals and can cause you injury #WeAreNotBambi.”                   

This Is Local London: Picture: Royal Parks Police TwitterPicture: Royal Parks Police Twitter                            

Currently in mating season, deer are more aggressive from September-November when they rut – a way of competing for females.

This is not the first time Royal Park officials have told visitors to keep their distance from the 1000 free-roaming deer that live in Richmond and Bushy Park. 

Simon Richards, Park Manager for Richmond Park said:

“On Sunday, a woman was jumped on by a hind (female deer) when she got far too close. We were informed by eyewitnesses that prior to the incident she was feeding the deer. We understand that the woman was not seriously injured and we sincerely hope she is ok.

“This incident serves as a powerful warning that deer are wild and unpredictable animals and a minimum 50 metre distance must be adhered to at all times. This is especially important as we are in the middle of rutting reason, when male deer are flooded with testosterone and adrenaline.

“It’s also important to stress that deer do not require feeding from the public. Both Richmond and Bushy Parks provide ample natural food for deer that is suited to their nutritional needs. By feeding deer you are doing them more harm then good, and putting yourself in unnecessary danger at the same time.”