People in London will be banned by the government from seeing their friends and family indoors.

The news comes as Boris Johnson prepares to stop households mixing, while still keeping pubs, restaurants and gyms open.

The capital is expected to be hurled into Tier Two of the new restrictions drawn up by the Tories to try and stem the spread of coronavirus infections.

It prohibits households from mixing indoors, although up to six from different homes will still be allowed to meet up outside.

The tier level also sees pubs, restaurants and gyms still permitted to open up their doors.

They will still have to obey the current 10pm curfew rules.

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Professor Karol Sikora slammed the way the authorities were allowing the news to trickle out before official announcements, questioning the science for the rules. 

He said: "I can fully understand the frustration and fury. We've got a whole new lockdown system apparently and yet no official word or details from Government.

"How must pub owners feel in those areas? Reading about their futures on Twitter without the full details. Not good enough.

"Can we go on like this for months, maybe longer? Arguments about the fundamental strategy aside - this is utter chaos.

"We all want policies to based on science and data, communicated transparently. That isn't happening. Trust is easy to lose and very difficult to get back."

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The strictest form of the restrictions - Tier Three - will see pubs, gyms and casinos forced to close and all but essential travel to and from coronavirus hotspots. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is chairing an emergency Cobra meeting to hash out the final details of the plan this morning.

He will later spell out his three-tier strategy with areas in England labelled as medium, high or very high risk.

Merseyside is expected to be among the areas subjected to Tier 3 restrictions - but there is still disagreement about a financial support package for the area should harsh measures be imposed.