Many thousands of residents in the East London area have woken up to no running water in their homes.


This problem is due to a major burst in the ‘Thames Water’ pipe. The companies engineers have said they were investigating and doing everything in their power to get the water running again as soon as possible.


The areas affected include the postcodes: E6, E7, E10, E11, E12, E13 and many more.


The pipe burst at around 4:30 on the 6th of October. It is still currently under maintenance meaning East London residents have already suffered over 24 hours without water.


As we are all very aware, coronavirus levels around the East London area are still rising. No water, means people are unable to wash their hands. This is breaking direct Government guidelines; people must wash their hands and keep cleansed- to prevent further spread. The people of East London are very conscience of this and are demanding immediate substitutes to help them keep uncontaminated.


This resulted in residents going insane in local supermarkets; stocking up bottles and bottles of water. Leytonstone Tesco was one example of a shop being stripped of its water completely! Thames Water are in fact doing their best, by providing their own bottles of water; however it is apparent that it is not enough to supply a whole family to carry out daily  necessities (i.e drinking,  showering,  etc.)


‘With the current situation, the last thing we need right now is a water shortage’, Dilwara Begum, teacher in East London.


Residents are advised to stay patient and to not bombard the company with calls as they are in the process of overcoming the problem.


Zubaida Choudhury