THREE men were convicted at the Old Bailey on Thursday (17) of killing another in a Southall street.

Sufi Osman died shortly after being chased and set upon in September last year. He received a fatal wound to the neck.

Samatar Hirad, 22, of Slough, was found guilty of murder, while Jose Morais, 25, of no fixed address, and Mohammed Yussuf, 25, of Bordars Walk, Hanwell, were both convicted of manslaughter.

All three will be sentenced at the same court in October.

Sufi was found with stab injuries outside a juice bar on The Broadway, near the junction with Saxon Road, when police were called in the early hours. 

He had been chased, stabbed and left for dead in Abbotts Road before managing to stumble along the road and call for help. He died shortly after.

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A kitchen knife was discovered in an alleyway between Dane Road and Marigold Road and identified as the murder weapon. 

Sufi was identified on CCTV walking along The Broadway. He and Hirad had a conversation which quickly turned into a confrontation.

Sufi is seen to have swung a blow. They fought and Hirad produced a knife and lunged towards Sufi. 

At this point, Sufi ran and it was after a chase that he was overwhelmed and attacked. 

Det Chief Insp Rob Pack said: “This was a senseless and tragic loss of a young man’s life. It highlights the continuing blight that those who are prepared to carry and use knives have on our communities.”