Plans for one of London’s biggest housing developments at the site of the former Stag Brewery in Mortlake are being consulted on, ahead of a final decision from the Mayor of London.

The plans were called in by Sadiq Khan’s office for further scrutiny after two of three aspects of the planning application were approved by Richmond councillors in January.

The application was split into three sections, focussing on the residential housing and commercial space, the secondary school, and the changes that would need to be made to the road layout to mitigate extra traffic to the site.

Councillors voted to approve Applications A and B for the redevelopment of the Stag Brewery and refuse Application C for highway works at Chalker’s Corner.

The applications were then formally referred to the Mayor of London in April and called in for further scrutiny the following month.

Since the referral was made, the applicant submitted amendments to the scheme which are now being consulted on, with a deadline of September 27.

This Is Local London:

Cllr Martin Elengorn, Vice - Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee for Richmond Council, said: “In broad terms the main change to the scheme is to provide more and a greater proportion of affordable housing by increasing the number of units and the height. We will be listening to the views of the public on this trade-off before finalising the Council’s position”.

The first application (Application A) is the master plan for how the site would be developed. Changes to the application secured by the GLA include:

• Increase in residential unit provision from up to 813 units (including 150 flexible assisted living and/or residential units) to up to 1,250 units.

• Increase in affordable housing provision from up to 17% to up to 30%.

• Increase in height of some buildings, of up to three storeys.

• Changes to the layout of Buildings 18 and 19.

• Conversion of Block 20 from a row of terrace housing to a pair of four storey buildings.

• Reduction in the size of the western basement, resulting in an overall reduction in car parking spaces of 186 spaces, and introduction of an additional basement storey beneath Building 1 (the Cinema).

• Other amendments involving changes to internal layouts, relocation and change to the quantum and mix of land uses across the Site.

This Is Local London:

Protesters outside the planning meeting on Stag Brewery development. Credit - LDR Sian Bayley

• Removal of the nursing home and assisted living proposals from Development Area 2.

• Landscaping amendments, including canopy removal of four trees on the north-west corner of the Site.

• Updated supporting documents for all Applications.

The second application (Application B) considered proposals for the erection of a three-storey building to provide a new secondary school with sixth form. The revised application includes minor amendments to the road and pedestrian layouts.

The third application (Application C) proposed the reconfiguration of Chalker’s Corner traffic junction, to include existing public highway and existing landscaped and informal parking area associated with Chertsey Court. The revised application includes no changes to the physical works, however whilst this application remains ‘live’, it is understood that the GLA is considering alternative highway works to mitigate the highway impacts,

To see the revised applications, go to:

Anyone can make representations by emailing the GLA at by 27 September 2020.

Comments received after 27 September 2020, but before a decision is made, may still be taken into account but failure to meet this deadline could result in your comments not being considered.

The Mayor has provisionally scheduled a virtual representation hearing for the November 26 at 1.30pm