THE coronavirus R rate has stayed the same in most parts of the UK, while it remains near to one in many regions of England.

The closely-studied reproduction rate tells us how quickly the virus is spreading across the country.

Now new government data reveals that the coronavirus reproduction rate is stabilising across the UK, despite the rate being near one.

The R rate needs to be below one for cases to fall.

In England, the R is between 0.8 and 1, but SAGE has indicated it is not confident that R is currently below one in the country.

According to the scientific data, the R rate is between 0.8 to 0.9 in the south east of England, the lowest compared to the rest of the UK.

And in the south-west the R rate is around 0.8 to 1.0.

Here is the current R rate in the rest of the UK:

• England 0.8-1.0

• London 0.8-1.0

• South East 0.8-0.9

• South West 0.8-1.0

• East of England 0.8-1.0

• Midlands 0.8-1.0

• North East and Yorkshire 0.8-1.0

• North West 0.8-1.1

The data remains mainly unchanged from last week and suggests that the rate of transmission may be stabilising.

SAGE said in a statement: “We are starting to see early indications that these values may be increasing.

“This is not yet fully reflected in these estimates because the data used to calculate R and growth rate reflect the situation from a few weeks ago.”