The community needs to “work together” to help Sutton’s hospitality sector and independent shops, says MP Paul Scully.

The Sutton and Cheam MP is encouraging residents to support small businesses as part of the government's Enjoy Summer Safely campaign and Shop Local Week.

Shop Local Week aims to encourage residents to venture out to high streets and villages to help kickstart the country's economic recovery, following the national coronavirus lockdown.

With stage three of the restriction ease in full swing, Mr Scully says it is time we start to return to normality in a safe way.

This Is Local London:

Speaking to Sutton Guardian, Mr Scully said: “It’s time we get out, save jobs and have a sense of normality.

“If we all sit in our back gardens and rely on deliveries, we will not be able to use a personal service again when we want to.

“It’s all about confidence and joy- people need the confidence to come out and retailers will see the joy of providing a positive experience.

He added: “The campaign will be huge for Sutton’s economic recovery and protecting the high streets.

“At the end of the day, we have spent time at home doing the right thing by preventing transmission.

“There are people rightly shielding worried about their health, but for others, we need to encourage them to look at independent shops.

“Sutton high street, Cheam and Worcester Park are full of shops which need local custom."

Addressing concerns on 'returning to normality' he added: "I can understand the concern due to the way some of its been reported.

"However, I have visited thousands of businesses and they have all been working hard to keep social distancing.

"Things will be different for a while such as, masks and permanent changes, but a number of businesses have thought about the way they will work.

"We all need to work together across the board, be positive, and all pull together.

"I hope this campaign will see a positive intake in footfall and people come out to support the shops.

"I would also like to see people travelling into central London to zone one and enjoy what's there because shops in London need custom too."

Paul Scully plans to kickstart the campaign by getting a hair cut in central Sutton and by buying doughnut's from La Petite Boulangerie in Cheam.

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