A park trustee has hit out at party-goers and 'vandals' following a series of damage and littering since the restriction ease.

Residents in the Wimbledon area say they have been forced to clean up the remains of parties which have taken place in South Park Gardens.

Residents have reported several parties (including children's) to park trustees which have seen around 30 people set up gatherings in the park.

Helen Fuller, a trustee of the Friends of South Park Gardens, says residents are 'fed up' with taking care of party-goers rubbish and being disturbed by overnight vandals.

This Is Local London:

She went onto say, that people have been climbing into the park at night, "trampling on bushes and shrubs" and "hanging on tree branches causing them to break."

Helen Fuller said: "At night groups of people climb over the railings, create a disturbance and then leave rubbish strewn over the grass.

"Sometimes they deliberately smash bottles.

"It took three of my neighbours several hours to clear up broken glass on one day.

"This constitutes criminal trespass, fly-tipping and criminal damage.

This Is Local London:

"If residents hear people causing damage inside a locked park they should not be afraid to call 999. "

She added: "The pandemic has highlighted the huge importance of Merton’s beautiful parks and open spaces.

"Green spaces are more important than ever for our well-being and sense of community. They should be valued by all, not trashed by a few.

"Parks are lovely places to have children’s parties but don’t scatter bits of broken balloons, bottle tops and plastic food wrappings in the process.

"People should take their rubbish home and recycle it where possible."