A group of volunteers are pleading for help after Clarion housing contractors "left baby pigeons to die" after trapping them inside solar panels.

Footage shows a group of baby pigeons trapped under mesh after Ark Pest Control sealed gaps at a housing block on Harcourt Avenue.

Contractors who attended the site at the beginning of the week - reportedly told the residents there was no nests or birds under the solar panels.

However, residents discovered baby birds sealed under the panels later that day.

Starlight Trust and London Wildlife Protection volunteers contacted Clarion Housing on Tuesday ( August 4).

This Is Local London:

It was reported that Ark attended on Wednesday afternoon and began to unseal the mesh.

But today ( August 6 ), volunteers claim contractors did not unseal the mesh adequately for the parents to "actually access and feed their babies."

It was reported that Ark attended the site at 7.00 am this morning with a cherry picker and ladder.

Charlotte Galvin, of London Wildlife Protection, said: "This is the breach of the Animal Welfare Act and Wildlife and Countryside Act.

These babies have been trapped for several days and many or all will be dead by now.

"The babies need feeding every four hours and no parents can access them."

This Is Local London:

Clarion Housing posted a statement online this week:

"We were made aware that a number of pigeons were sadly trapped as a result of work carried out by a contractor on the roof of a Clarion property.

"We are sorry for what has happened and the contractor has been in touch with the RSPCA.

"The contractor will be on-site shortly to meet the RSPCA to resolve the issue and free any birds that have become trapped."

Today, Clarion further went onto say, ARK visited the site and created "a number of openings in the mesh, to allow any pigeons trapped underneath to get out."

Clarion added: "Whilst our contractor found no evidence of any pigeons being harmed or trapped.

"We understand the concerns raised and our contractor will be returning to the site later today to follow up."

Ark have been contacted for comment.

Volunteers argue the pigeons are still trapped at the time of publishing.

Volunteers remain on site.