CAMPAIGNERS against Ealing Council’s plans for installing Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes are raising the level of protest – and on Sunday even stopped the traffic to make their point.

LTNs involve blocking the entry and exit of vehicles to neighbourhood roads by using bollards and planters. It is claimed they will reduce vehicle traffic, cut pollution and make cycling and walking safer.

Nine are to be installed in Ealing over the next eight weeks.

Residents will be given seven days’ notice of roads being blocked. Six months of after installation, a public consultation is planned to review the effect they have had.

Street meetings opposing LTNs have already been held in Waldemar Avenue, Coldershaw Road and New Broadway.

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In the latter on Sunday, protesters halted traffic. Speakers were Northfields Councillor David Millican and Kingsdown Residents’ Association’s Arthur Breens.

Campaigners say they want to see evidence that a problem exists and call for prior consultation with residents.

An online petition has so far attracted more than 3,400 signatories.

In a statement on its website, Ealing Council says there are plenty of opportunities available for people to have their say, give feedback and object to anything they think could be detrimental for their street.

LTNs are part-funded by Transport for London to help improve walking and cycling in the borough.