A long row of fencing clad with warning signs has been erected along the Five Arches Bridge at Footscray Meadows following a 'spate of incidents' which included people swimming in the water.

The measures have been put in place following discussions between Bexley Police, Bexley LFB and Bexley Council, who state that the area is a local nature reserve, and therefore swimming, bathing and fishing are banned.

The iconic south east London beauty site has also been a hotspot for children using the bridge as a jumping platform, causing a number of injuries.

Last month, a 16-year-old girl reportedly broke her leg after an accident jumping into the River Cray.

On Wednesday (July 29) LFB Bexley said they had met with representatives from Bexley Council and Bexley Police to discuss options for making the site safer and to deter swimmers.

They seem to have chosen fencing all along the bridge, blocking access to the water on that side. Signs have also been attacked, warning: "Nature Reserve: No swimming or bathing, no fishing.

This Is Local London:

Bexley Police confirmed that the fencing had been put in place "following a spate of incidents that included people swimming in the water."

This Is Local London:

On June 26, a number children were reported jumping from the bridge into the water during the sunny weather when a teenager girl suffered major injuries.

Paramedics and firefighters were called and took the 16-year-old to hospital with a reported broken leg, sustained after jumping from the bridge.

Emergency services at the scene then allegedly warned other children at the site who were continuing to jump in that it wasn't safe, resulting in the children becoming abusive.