FROM next week, we are all being asked to do our bit to support the hospitality industry by taking advantage of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between August 3 and 31, participating restaurants will offer 50 per cent off food and non-alcoholic drinks up to a total value of £10 per person.

You don’t need a voucher to use the scheme and you can use it at the same time as other offers and discounts. There is no minimum spend.

Alcoholic drinks and service charges are excluded from the offer.

If you're planning to make the most of the scheme - here is a list of registered restaurants within two miles of Croydon High Street and Sutton Station. 


iima sushi- 6 Mulgrave Road, SM2 6LE

Morgan's Bar & Grill ltd- 12 High Street,SM1 1HN

Everest Spice - 7 Cheam Road, SM1 1SN

KD Catering LTD- 70 High Street, SM1 1EZ

Shinner and Sudtone- 67 High Street, SM1 1DT

Warrens Bakery- 89 High Street, SM1 1JF

The Little Windsor- Flat Above, The Little Windsor, 13 Greyhound Road, SM1 4BY

This Is Local London:

Sowa Patisserie- St Nicholas Shopping Cente, St Nicholas Way, SM1 1AY

McDonalds Sutton- 168-172, High Street, SM1 1NL

Taco Bell- 211, High Street, , SM1 1JU

M.Manze- 226 High Street, SM1 1NT

Lahore Spices- 284-286, High Street, SM1 1PQ

Sakura Indian- 4 Beeches Avenue, SM5 3LF

Sutton Green Cafe Ltd- 347 High Street, SM1 1LW

This Is Local London:

Tasha's Tearoom- 48 High Street, Cheam, SM3 8RW

Samsara Restaurant - 23-25, High Street, Greater London, SM3 8RE

Sushi Tama- 21 Station Way, Cheam, SM3 8SD

Superfish- 64 The Broadway, Cheam, Greater London, SM3 8BD

Haweli of belmont- 20-22 Station Road, SM2 6BS

The Hope- 48 West Street, Greater London, SM5 2PR

Beijing Garden- 33-37, Malden Road, Greater London, SM3 8QW

McDonald's Oldfields Road- SM1 2NB

This Is Local London:

Honeywood Walk- SM5 3NX

Flame Blue Catering- Peaches Close, Cheam, SM2 7BJ

The Sun- 4 North Street, Greater London, SM5 2HU

The Grumpy Mole Cheam- Ewell Road, Cheam, Greater London, SM3 8AA

Cheam Park Cafe-  Pavillion Cafe,Cheam Recreation Gro, Tudor Close, SM3 8QS

Spotlight at Cryerarts- 39 High Street, SM5 3BB

Oaks Sports Centre Ltd- Woodmansterne Road, Surrey, SM5 4AN

Rosehill Cafe (Carshalton) Ltd- 5 The Market Wrythe Lane, SM5 1AG

This Is Local London:

KFC - The Market, Rose Hill, SM1 3HE

Rose & Crown - Wallington Corner, SM6 7HX

El Nido Restaurant- 79 Manor Road, Surrey, SM6 0DE

Costa Coffee- 518 London Road, Cheam, SM3 8HW

KFC- 43 Woodcote Road, SM6 0LH

McDonald's North Cheam

Fresco- 40 Wallington Square, SM6 8RG

Yangtze- 511 London Road, Cheam, SM3 8JR

India cottage- 691 London Road, Cheam, SM3 9DL

Rumbles Coffee Shop- 4 Cheam Common Road, KT4 8RW

This Is Local London:

Smokin Grill Steakhouse- 20 Cheam Common Road, KT4 8RW

Pick N Pay- 364 Middleton Road, Greater London, SM5 1HA

The Emperor- 71 Stonecot Hill, SM3 9HJ

Woodcote Green Garden Centre

Mcdonald's Asda Wallington- Marlowe Way, CR0 4XS


Burger King-41 Church Street, CR0 1RH

McDonald's - 67-69, Church Street, Greater London, CR0 1RH

Mr Fox- 34 Surrey Street, Greater London, CR0 1RJ

Dog & Bull- 24-25 Surrey Street, CR0 1RG

KFC - 11-17 Church Street, CR0 1RY

This Is Local London:

The Dutchie- 3, The Arcade 32-34, High Street, CR0 1YB

Coffee Time - 98 Church Street, Greater London, CR0 1RD

Cafe Giardino - Unit 30, North End Mall, Centrale Shopping Centre North End, CR0 1TY

Saravanaa Bhavan- 18 George Street, Greater London, CR0 1PA

Taco Bell- 38, George Street, Surrey, CR0 1PB

Bishops wine bar- 1129 Whitgift Centre, CR0 1UZ

Croydon Kokoro Ltd- 42 George Street, CR0 1PB

This Is Local London:

Funhouse- 91-101, High Street, CR0 1QF

Ponte Nuovo Ristorante- 80-88, High Street, CR0 1NA

Memory Box- 80-88, High Street, CR0 1NA

Zabardast- Unit 25B, Centrale, North End, CR0 1TY

German Doner Kebab- 27 George Street, CR0 1LB

Wei Dao- 103-105, High Street, CR0 1QG

McDonald's Whitgift - 86-90 North End, Greater London, CR0 1UJ

Tashi dhondup limited- kiosk 3, sainsbury square, whitgift shopping centre, CR0 1UP

Crown and Pepper - 242 High Street, CR0 1NF

This Is Local London:

Food Care Limited- 7 Norfolk House, Wellesley Road, CR0 1LH

Comamos- 11-12 Suffolk House, George Street, CR0 1PE

Paratha Inn- 244 High Street, CR0 1NF

Greek on the Street- R42 & R43 Boxpark Croydon, 99 George Street, CR0 1LD

Galicia Restaurant- 269-275, High Street, CR0 1QH

Zabardast- AMP House, 1 Dingwall Road, Croydon, CR0 2NA

The Gnarbecue- Unit 68, Boxpark Croydon

Kanji Korean BBQ- Unit 36, Boxpark Croydon

This Is Local London:

Chilango-Boxpark Croydon

The Breakfast Club Croydon- Unit 48 - 52, Boxpark Croydon

Argentinian Grill- Unit 12-14, Boxpark Croydon

Bao Bao Taiwanese- Unit 44-45, Boxpark Croydon

Thai Express Croydon- Unit 32-33, Boxpark Croydon

Big Mikes Calypso Kitchen- Unit 5-6, Boxpark Croydon

MEATLiquor- Unit 58-61, Boxpark Croydon

Noodle Bar- Unit 12-14, Boxpark Croydon

Oatopia- Unit 71, Boxpark Croydon

Thela- Unit 8, Boxpark Croydon

Yumn- Unit 63-66, Boxpark Croydon

Poptata Croydon - Unit 72, Boxpark Croydon

Cafe Faith- Unit 1, Delta Point, 35 Wellesley Road, CR0 2GU

Apatura- 14 South End, CR0 1DL

This Is Local London:

Tre Fratelli Restaurant- 25-29 South End, CR0 1BE

The Chinese Gourmet- 31 South End, CR0 1BE

Aqua Croydon Mediterranean meze bar and grill- 33-35, South End, CR0 1BE

Abshar Resturant - 65-67 South End, CR0 1BF

Yumn Brasserie- 69-71, South End, CR0 1BF

Tree House- 78 South End, CR0 1DP

The Windmill - 224 St. James's Road, CR0 2BW

Chennai Dosa- 3 Brighton Road, CR2 6EA

Bob's Your Uncle Coffee- 2 B Selsdon Road, CR2 6PA

Dosa Kada- 239-241, London Road, CR0 2RL

Casablanca- 124 Cherry Orchard Road, CR0 6BB

This Is Local London:

Spice N Ice Restaurant- 3-5, South Park Hill Road, CR2 7DY

McDonald's Restaurant Waddon - 415 Purley Way, CR0 4NX

Mels's Cafe- 46 Lower Addiscombe Road, CR0 6AA

Krunk burgers- 79 Whitehorse Road, CR0 2JJ

Jenab Limited- Unit 2a, 23 Hesterman Way, CR0 4YA

McDonald's Valley Park - Valley Park Estate, Hesterman Way, CR0 4YA

Amba's Kitchen Restaurant- 177-179, Brighton Road, CR2 6EG

KFC- Unit 7, Colonnades, 619 Purley Way, CR0 4RQ

McDonald's Croydon Colonnades- Unit 7a, Colonnades, 619 Purley Way, CR0 4RQ

The Tram Stop- 231 Lower Addiscombe Road, CR0 6RD

Spice Village Croydon- 45 Imperial Way, CR0 4RR

Croham Hurst Golf Club- Croham Hurst Golf Club, Croham Road, CR2 7HJ

KFC Thorton Heath - 744-746, London Road, CR7 6JA

Taperia LTD- 785-787, London Road, Greater London, CR7 6AW