LONDON is set to enjoy "wall to wall" sunshine with highs of 27C this weekend.

It will be a cloudy start to the week with a temperatures climbing towards the end of Monday, possibly even reaching as high as 20C.

And temperatures will slowly start to build across the south as the days go on, with the weekend set to be a scorcher, according to forecasters.

BBC meteorologist Nick Miller said the week "will start with low pressure" with an increased chance of rain from midweek before high pressure helps to settle things down.

Friday will begin with plenty of cloud but light winds and much of the UK could see temperatures "getting into the low and approaching the mid-20s".

This Is Local London: Rollerbladers enjoy the sun in Hyde Park, London

London is expected to be the warmest on Saturday with hights of 27C.

Mr Miller said by Saturday a weather front originating in the northwest "may just start to drive its way southwards" bringing high pressure which could re-introduce cooler air in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

"For a time next weekend, into England and Wales, it may well become very warm, but again, only for a time and those temperatures just creep back down again into the following week," he added.

The Met Office's long-range forecast - beginning on July 17 - notes: "Temperatures are likely to be mostly around normal, although it may become warm for a time in the south and perhaps very warm in the southeast."

Monday, meanwhile, will see a dry start with sun in the southeast, though plenty of cloud and rain.

Met Office forecast for the South East:


Spells of sunshine to start, although the cloud will quickly thicken through the morning, followed by outbreaks of rain and drizzle from the east. However, there will still be plenty of drier and brighter spells in between. Maximum temperature 26C.


The rain should slowly clear away through the night, becoming mostly dry by the early hours with clearer skies developing at times. Minimum temperature 11C.


A sunnier start to the east, with cloud soon building again through the morning. Staying mostly dry with perhaps the occasional coastal shower. Clearer spells will develop overnight. Maximum temperature 20C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

After a sunnier start on Wednesday, cloud will soon build through the morning but staying dry. The cloudy skies will continue into Thursday and Friday, with some sunny spells developing.