Greater London’s largest borough will receive just £113,000 for three projects as part of the first tranche of funding aimed at enhancing cycling and pedestrian-movement in the district.

Bromley Council’s share in Transport for London’s £45 million Streetspace funding is among the lowest for the city’s boroughs announced so far.

In comparison, the south London borough of Lambeth will receive the most initially, with £2.639 million for projects designed to enhance pedestrianisation and cycling access with a boom in those modes of transport expected to continue post-lockdown.

Bromley Council had gunned for more than £1 million of Streetspace funding for work on high streets, footpaths and busy streets across the borough, as part of a major bid to help overhaul its streets.

What they’ve received from Transport for London so far will be used for three new projects.

They’ll include a new cycle corridor along the Albemarle Road, with £59,000 of the £113,000 to go towards that.


It will also be used to implement two initiatives from the Shortlands Friendly Village Liveable Neighbourhood scheme, which the council undertook consultation on earlier this year.

The two projects will see £42,000 go towards the Valley Road cycle route, while £12,000 will go towards making a school street at Valley Primary School.


Bromley Council didn’t respond to requests for comment.

The local democracy reporting service had asked whether the authority expects to receive more, and whether it was satisfied with the initial allocation.

The council already has £295k available immediately from the Government’s local government office to help town centres return to trading safely, to help fund measures supporting social distancing and hygiene to aid the swift re-opening of markets and shops.

Bromley’s historic Charter Market reopend earlier this month with new social distancing measures implemented.