Police have authorisied a dispersal zone across Queensmead Recreation Park for the entire weekend in response to recent drunken and anti-social behaviour which has been "spoiling" the park.

A dispersal zone is in place from 12pm today, Friday June 26, until 11:59pm on Sunday, June 28 across the whole park, which is already a no-drinking zone, and officers will be patroling to ensure this is enforced.

The Queesmead Rec has been the subject of anger and controversy in recent weeks after issues with litter, public urination and drunk and disoderly behaviour has led to many local residents to complain.

Bromley Police said earlier on in the week that they have been recieving lots of calls from residents, and that they are pledging to do all they can to address the issues.

Litter has become one of the major issues, with the easing of lockdown coinciding with a large rise in the amount of rubbish left strewn across local green spaces by lazy park-goers.

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Drinking, violence and general antisocial behviour has also been a major issue, despite increased police patrols.

Last week, the council were even forced to step up efforts to stop park users peeing in bushes at the Queensmead Rec after complaints that the run-off is leaking into the backyards of neighbouring homes.

Bromley Police say the dispersal zone is in direct response to these complaints, and will be enforced through the duration of the weekend.

A spokesperson said: "We will be enforcing the dispersal zone with our colleagues from Bromley Council this weekend.

"If you are in the area you may be dispersed. Please respect the residents and other people who have had enough of the drunken behaviour and stay away."