A man found unanimously guilty of violently beating and raping a woman in Charlton has today been sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Detectives desrcibed it as "one of the most shocking cases we've ever dealt with" due to the violence used by Osman Suleyman, of no address.

The 31-year-old has been found guilty of raping a 23-year-old female, who was known to the offender, after she returned with friends to a flat in Charlton after a night out on October 4, 2019.

Suleyman demanded the victim perform sexual acts on him as payment for drugs and alcohol, then turned violent, repeatedly striking her face using a knuckle duster and the sheath of a knife.

He then forced the victim to perform a sex act on him and raped her. Suleyman told the woman that if she told police, he would kill her.

A friend called police shortly after the incident, and police forced entry into the flat, finding blood smeared on the walls and kitchen door and arrested Suleyman at the scene.

On March 17, at Woolwich Crown Court, Suleyman had been unanimously found guilty of two counts of rape, assault (ABH), threats to kill and false imprisonment.

Suleyman was sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court on 26 June to 16 years in prison and an extended five years on licence.

As a result of the horrific ordeal, the victim suffered extensive injuries, including cuts and bruises to her face and body.

Detective Constable Ben Harrington of the South East Command Unit said: "This was a horrible crime and the victim was subjected to a dreadful ordeal.

"Thankfully she has been able to recover from her injuries, but the impact of such a crime goes beyond the physical injury.

“The Met recognises the traumatic nature of such crimes and that is why victims are supported by specialist officers. I hope that seeing the man responsible brought to justice will help her recovery.

“Suleyman is a violent man and the jury found him unanimously guilty on all charges. This is certainly one of the most shocking cases I have ever had to deal with. The violence used was appalling. Suleyman now faces a long term in prison for his crime; it is thoroughly deserved.”

During the court case, it was heard that on October 4, Suleyman and a number of others were out in Woolwich Town Cetre, including a 23-year-old woman known to him.

The group returned in the early hours of Saturday, October 5, to a flat in Charlton which was the home of one of Suleyman's friends, and he was temporarily staying there.

Police said that up until this point, the evening had been good-natured, but Suleyman's mood began to change and he demanded that the victim perform sexual acts on him as payment for drugs and alcohol he bought.

When the woman refused, Suleyman became violent and repeatedly struck her in the face with several objects, including a knuckle duster, kicked her, then raped her.

Almost immediately, after leaving the address, the victim saw a friend who could see she was in distress and the friend called the police. Police attended and spoke to the victim, who was taken to hospital.

Officers located the address where the offence happened and forced entry, Suleyman was present at the location and arrested.

At the scene there were clear signs of disturbance with blood smeared on the walls and on a kitchen door. There was also clothing and bedding items in a washing machine which appeared to be bloodstained.

In interview Suleyman simply said he had not raped or assaulted anyone and answered “no comment” to all further questions put to him.


VIIOLENT MAN, UNANIOUSLY GUILTY, one of the most shocking cases ive ever had to deal wityh, the violence used was appalling. thoughtylu deserved