A mother and daughter have issued a public appeal after their beloved rescue dog was attacked near Duke's Head Pub.

Natasha Thurrell and her mother, Alison, were enjoying a stroll with their dog Nora, when they noticed an 'aggressive' dog at around 10.50 am on June 21.

The man was reportedly drinking alcohol on a bench whilst his dog was left to roam around on Wallington Green.

Natasha says the dog targeted them and started to follow them as they walked towards Guide Hall.

This Is Local London:

The dog ignored his owner's instructions to return to the bench and instead sniffed Nora before proceeding to attack her.

The man who walked with a 'limp' eventually grabbed the back of his dog's legs to pull his dog away from Nora.

Natasha says he walked off towards Acre Lane after telling her to f***k off.

The attack left both Nora and Natasha's mother, Alison, badly bruised.

This Is Local London:

Speaking to Sutton Guardian, Natasha said: "The attack lasted a couple of minutes.

"We were both screaming trying to kick the dog away from her.

"People came out of the nearby flats to see if we were ok.

"We were both crying and shaken.

This Is Local London:

Nora was injured as she was bleeding from her face and had a nasty cut on her chest.

"We initially thought she had broken her leg as she couldn't walk, but the vet later informed us that both legs and her chest were very badly bruised.

"After assessing Nora's condition we also realised my mum's wrist was bleeding from where the dog had bitten her.

We have been left extremely traumatised by this incident and will be avoiding that area in the future."

If you have any information contact Natasha at https://www.facebook.com/people/Natasha-Thurrell/100004586508840