The government are facing mounting criticism over their actions regarding a planning development on the Isle of Dogs.

Conservative Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick is at the heart of the controversy after he controversially approved a major property development at the Westferry Printworks involving Tory Party donor and former media mogul Richard Desmond.

Documents purport to show Jenrick being "insistent" that the Westferry Printworks scheme was approved before a new levy would cost Desmond, who backs it and also donates large sums to the Conservatives, millions of pounds.

On Thursday (June 25), a BBC journalist said on Twitter that the news service had "seen photos of Mr Jenrick and Mr Desmond sitting at the same table at the fundraising dinner.

"And photos of Boris Johnson with his arm around Mr Desmond.

"The Conservative Party refused permission for us to publish them."

Labour are demanding that the government release all relevant documentation associated the unfolding scandal.

Croydon North MP Steve Reed, Labour's Shadow Secretary of State for Local Government and Communities, called on Jenrick to revise his position after the Conservative minister sought to downplay any suggestion of wrongdoing.

In parliament, the Croydon representative asked whether he would clarify:

"Specifically that he did not immediately notify officials following his dinner with the applicant Richard Desmond, that rather than closing discussion down with the developer, as (Mr Jenrick) implied, he instead initiated contact with him the next day via text.

"And the letters confirm that he rushed through the decision deliberately to help the developer avoid a £30 to £50 million levy payable to Tower Hamlets Council?"

The newly-released documents show that in a text to Desmond on November 18 after spending time with him at a Tory fund raising event event, Jenrick said: "Good to spend time with you tonight Richard. See you again soon I hope."

Desmond replied: "Thanks Robert I really appreciate your text Will call your office tomorrow to arrange Very best."

In a text two days later regarding the development, Mr Desmond said: "We appreciate the speed as we don't want to give Marxists loads of doe for nothing!

"We all want to go with the scheme and the social housing we have proposed and spent a month at the Marxist town hall debating, thanks again, all my best Richard."

Prime Minister Minister Boris Johnson said he had "full confidence" in Jenrick according to a Downing Stree source, who confirmed the PM had spoken to the embattled minister in recent days.

Jenrick has since quashed his own approval of the development, conceding that the decision was "unlawful" due to "apparent bias".