Efforts to stop park users peeing in the bushes at Bromley’s Queensmead Recreation Ground have been stepped up, after complaints the run-off from those relieving themselves is leaking into the backyards of neighbouring homes. 

Bromley Town Councillor Michael Rutherford made the self-described “odd request” for park-goers to resist the urge to answer nature’s call outside after seeing first-hand the impact of throngs of crowds flocking to the green space on sunny days over the last month.

He said he and fellow ward member Nicky Dykes had talked to residents living on Martin’s Road who had shown them pictures of urine leaking through to their gardens every time the park was packed.

It’s not an issue limited to Bromley either – with restrictions across the UK easing but most public toilets remaining closed, those caught busting outside have often resorted to peeing outside, creating potentially smelly and unsanitary conditions – although action has been taken to address the problem locally.

Cllr Rutherford said members had been working with council officers to sort out the issue, as well as to address other concerns voiced including that parks were attracting anti-social groups suspected of using drugs.

He said a bench that was a drugs hotspot has already been removed, while the group and MP Bob Neill have also lobbied for heightened police patrols.

The Bromley Town councillors also confirmed metal fencing has been put up as an immediate measure to protect some residents’ properties, while the authority is considering planting new vegetation at the site to act as a natural barrier.

Members also appealed to those using the park to do the right thing and pick up after themselves, revealing that waste contractors have been working extended hours clearing rubbish that has been left.

The councillors said they had requested bigger bins for parks in a bid to help revellers do the right thing.