A Lewisham councillor raised concerns about security at the lake in Beckenham Place Park at an overview and scrutiny meeting this week (May 26).

Last year the council was forced to close the park shortly after the lake was opened to the public after two children almost drowned – one boy had to be rescued by air ambulance.

Councillor Jacq Paschoud said: “I have heard that there’s been some misbehaviour around the lake and it’s not particularly Covid safety that I’m worried about but safety, all told, because we were very concerned about the lake last summer.

“If at the moment is isn’t lifeguarded, although it’s being patrolled, I’m still concerned about the safety about people who might use it ill-advisedly.”

Kevin Sheehan, executive director for housing, regeneration, and environment, said he has asked for increased patrols around the lake.

“I’m very conscious of the risks around the lake, particularly in the hot weather, so I have asked the parks team to increase patrollining in the area and I’ve also asked them to have a look around the signage and make sure that that’s all up to date,” he said.

He added: “For me this is one of our high-risk areas so it gets special attention, particularly when the weather is hot.

“Yes, there have been a few breaches and when the fencing is breached we do act on it and we do go and get the people out of there as quickly as possible.”