A further 18 patients with Covid-19 have been confirmed dead at the London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust.

NHS England has confirmed an additional 18 deaths of patients with Covid-19 being treated at the trust which manages Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow and Ealing Hospital.

These deaths range between March 25 and March 31.

This takes the total death toll of Covid-19 patients at the trust to 131.

Northwick Park Hospital and Ealing Hospital have become the battlefront fighting Covid-19 in the UK, as the trust has the highest recorded amount of Covid-19 deaths out of any UK NHS trust.

In yesterday’s reports, there were 20 further confirmed deaths according to NHS England.

From the new numbers released by NHS England, there were 6 more deaths on March 29, taking the total death toll on that day at the trust to 25.

The trust runs a series of hospitals including Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, Ealing Hospital and Central Middlesex Hospital – but it is not clear which hospitals these deaths took place in.

NHS England have said that the deaths announced today in England were between 22 and 100 years old.

Of the 561 deaths announced today, 44 of which had no known underlying health conditions.

Their families have been informed.

This brings the total number of confirmed reported deaths at hospitals in England to 2,698.

Northwick Park hospital declared a "critical incident" on March 19 due to the rising numbers of coronavirus patients, which lasted for 24 hours before it was stood down.

As a result, the hospital had met its beds at full capacity and had to send patients to neighbouring hospitals around and near north west London.

Staff at Northwick Park Hospital have been urging people to stay at home to help them, while another member of staff said they were feeling a “sense of paranoia” due to the influx of patients and disorganisation with personal protective equipment (PPE).

Earlier on, staff were not being tested for symptoms and Dr Laith Al-Rubaiy at the hospital admitted that a colleague of his had to pay hundreds for a private test, only to find out they had contracted the virus.

Another worker, who wished to remain anonymous, explained to the Harrow Times that there was a confusion with the handling of personal protective equipment - causing them to share one individual visor between them and a colleague.