London is again being asked to show its support for those on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic with a moment to 'Clap for Carers' tonight.

Across south London, Surrey, and Kent, carers are looking after the elderly in residential homes, as well as making vital visits to pensioners in their homes.

They provide a lifeline and give care to some of those who are most vulnerable to catching the disease.

So a minute of applause will be held at 8pm tonight.

Last week residents across the city came out to their windows and on their doorsteps to applaud the vital work of National Health Service workers.

But now many want us to do the same for the non-hospital care workers, who may not have been getting the attention they deserve during this crisis.

Many are among the lowest paid in society. And there are concerns that they are not being adequately protected with protective masks and gear.

So some hope the applause will raise awareness.