Engineers are today (April 1st) carrying out emergency repairs in Bexley after a gas pipe was badly damaged, causing a strong gas smell to drift across the borough.

The major gas leak has come from a gas pipe at Manor Farm, the base of Bexley Sand & Ballast Company, and is described as a "critical part of the local gas network."

SGN, the UK gas distribution company responsible for the pipe, say they are currently carrying our emergency repairs, with several teams of engineers working at the site 24/7.

The pipe was allegedly hit by a digger, according to one resident, and a strong gas smell has been reported by residents across the borough.

One Bexley resident said the smell of gas was "so strong you could taste it."

In a statement, SGN said the pipe was a critical part of its network in the local area, and all being well, the repairs will be completed on Thursday, April 2.

"It’s a complex operation to repair this pipe and we have teams of engineers working at the site 24/7."

They also warned that residents in Bexley may notice a smell of gas in the air over the coming days while repairs are carried out.

This is not dangerous, but if you smell gas in your home or have any concerns about gas safety, SGN advises ringing the National Gas Emergency Number on 0800 111 999.