A group of neighbours have been dancing their way through isolation in a bid to keep sprits high during the coronavirus outbreak

Kayleigh Steptoe, 30, recorded residents doing their daily dance workout on their road, Beddington Micklham Gardens, Sutton. 

The street party, which begins at 12.30 pm each day, gives residents something to look forward to before they go to work as carers.

So far, residents of Micklham Gardens, have danced to a range of songs including; cha cha slide, Music man, Superman, Macarena, Baby Shark and Always look on the bright side of life. 

Kayleigh Steptoe spoke to Sutton Guardian on her reasoning for starting the daily dance party: "As carers we are struggling to come to terms with the current situation- let alone the vunerable people & the elderly we look after.

"This brightens up everyone's day and gives us something to look forward to.

"It also keeps us fit whilst practising social distancing.

"We start dancing at 12.30 to break up our day. 

"It brings a smile to peoples faces and now residents wait on their balconies for it to start every day." 

The neighbours of Micklham Gardens are taking a well deserved break and will be back on the streets to dance this Friday.