BACK Heathrow, the campaign that supports a new runway, says a Court of Appeal ruling that expansion is unlawful as it does not take climate commitments into account is hugely disappointing to neighbouring communities.

It says polling by Populus shows that, in 16 of 18 constituencies around the airport, more people support than oppose expansion.

Executive director Parmjit Dhanda said: “This decision will be viewed with concern and anger by communities who are desperate for the jobs and economic opportunities expansion would produce.

“Heathrow and the aviation industry already has a plan to meet Paris Agreement targets. We already know it can only happen by passing tough regulations on air quality, noise and carbon reduction.

“It’s an insult to Parliament, which voted for it with a huge majority. It’s also bad news for the trade unions and CBI, who backed it for the 180,000 new jobs it can deliver for local communities and the country.

“Government must take the initiative and amend its national policy statement to reflect the court decision on climate change targets and get on and build the new runway.”