A pet owner has said she is "concerned" for the health of her missing sick cat.

Six-year-old Joey the cat, who had been taken ill with a bladder blockage problem, went missing from his home Amersham Avenue, Edmonton four days ago.

Owner Barbara Lillford said Joey had gone out through the cat flap, but has not returned since.

She said: "He hasn't eaten any food at home since Monday night, and nobody has seen him. It is highly unlikely he was stolen because it would be impossible for anyone to catch him as he is so timid.

"My main concern is that he has been taken ill with a recurrence of his bladder blockage problem, and has concealed himself.”

Animal Search UK’s Missing Pet Search Team is leading an investigation to help reunite Joey with Mrs Lillford.

Lead investigator Tom Watkins said, “Most missing pets are found within a mile of home – the challenge is making sure that as many people as possible know the pet is missing and encourage everyone to be vigilant and to keep an eye out.”

“Work and family commitments often mean owners don’t have time to devote scouring the area looking for their missing pet, and this is why Animal Search UK is a huge help. Visiting neighbours can also be daunting so the team have the expertise to search gardens, garages and outbuildings in order to conduct a thorough search. Our professional, uniformed specialist search teams can usually be at any location in the UK within 48 hours.”

People around Edmonton are being alerted of Joey’s disappearance and putting up posters urging anyone to report any sightings.