A Polish supermarket had its licence suspended following concerns around staff training and safety measures.

Poziomka, in High Street, Harlesden, is temporarily banned from selling alcohol to give it time to address outstanding concerns from Brent Council.

It comes following a review by the Metropolitan Police, which questioned the store’s approach to helping prevent crime in the area.

The licence review noted that staff members at the shop were unaware of their responsibilities when it comes to selling alcohol.

It also criticised the CCTV system – which only recorded for 14 days – and the lack of an incident book.

Met Police Sergeant Damien Smith said he was “quite alarmed” that the shop’s licence holders, Sebastian Kaminski and Monika Kaminska, had ignored warnings and advice despite a clear stepped approach to help resolve the issue.

He explained that Harlesden is a key target area for local officers since it has pronounced problems with crime, street drinking and littering.

“Given the chances afforded to them, we have to ask why they weren’t acted upon,” he said.

“I’m entirely unsatisfied that it has not been run at the standard that is expected.”

However, he added that he “expects them to be able to rectify this” and was “pleased to hear” that measures have already been put in place.

Ms Kaminska apologised for her approach to licensing and the inability to act sooner.

She added that, while “not an excuse”, she had been forced to return to Poland for an operation during the autumn which limited her involvement at the shop.

She explained that she was in the process of retraining staff and working with another personal licence holder to ease the burden on herself.

The CCTV system has also been updated, a panic button has been installed and a new safe put in place to help deter thieves.

Brent Council’s licensing committee said it had to take action as several warnings had been given and subsequently ignored.

It noted Ms Kaminska’s acknowledgement of the situation and her steps to address the problems and so issued a suspension based on Sgt Smith’s recommendation.