A flood alert has been issued across south east London as already high groundwater levels have "increased rapidly" following recent rainfall.

The Environment Agency has warned that it expects some properties with deep basements to start flooding imminently, and a general flood alert is in force across Greenwich and Woolwich, Bexley, Sidcup, Lewisham, Bromley, Orpington and down to Croydon.

The alert states that flooding is possible and warns residents to be prepared over the next few days.

This Is Local London:

A yellow warning of snow has also been issued for most of the country on Thursday, stretching down to the capital.

Groundwater levels in South London and East Surrey have been rising throughout the winter and increased rapidly due to heavy rainfall during Storms Ciara and Dennis.

Properties in deep basements are most at risk in Purley, but due to the nature of groundwater flooding the Environment Agency states that other properties are at risk of flooding too.

Further rainfall could cause groundwater levels to rise further, so the agency is monitoring the situation alongside the relevant councils.

This Is Local London:

Tidal flooding is also a risk, with a flood warning in place between the River Thames and Woolwich Arsenal, Thamesmead, Abbey Wood and Belmarsh Prison.