Residents living in Hampton should be aware that a red flood warning has been issued as a result of increased river levels on the River Thames at Thames Ditton.

This means that there is a potential risk of flooding to property, low land and low-lying roads expected today [February 18] until 10:30am on February 19.

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Image credited to the Environment Agency.

Forecasters predict tide levels to increase from 6.1m and 6.2m however, from around 11:45pm the tide is predicted to rise from 6.05m to 6.15m.

There is also a chance of light rainfall which is expected to fall over the next 24 hours and this means that river levels will remain high.

Residents are advised to move possessions and valuables off the ground or to safety.

A red food warning is an indication that residents need to act in order to avoid being caught out by increased water levels.

Residents should: