A Teddington resident has hit out at his local Tesco for failing to repair its broken fridge-freezer doors for 'three years' despite numerous complaints.

63-Year-old John Osborne said he first reported the broken doors in 2017, but now feels that his concerns raised with bosses have fallen on deaf ears.

He said: "The glass doors are missing from all the doors.

"What gets me is the slogan above all of the chiller units boasting that the energy saved is so great, when the doors are not even there.

"I questioned this with the store manager in the Teddington branch who was quick to point out that the produce within was at the correct temperature.

"He also told me that is a maintenance issue which lays with head office and that it will be reported as a matter of urgency, which it isn’t because there doors are all still broken or missing.

"I have also made complaints to the [Tesco] customer care team for years and even though whoever I speak to on the phone is very apologetic and promises to rectify the situation, they never do.

Mr Osborne says he decided to take the matter further when he visited the store on February 11, and found that the store's air conditioning units were blasting out cold air in a week that has two storm predictions.

When he approached staff members to find out why the air conditioning was on, he discovered that they were all wearing layers of clothing to keep themselves warm.

A spokesperson for Tesco said: “We’re sorry the doors to these fridges at our Teddington store have broken and we’re working hard to have them replaced which requires bespoke, specialist equipment that is being manufactured now. In the meantime we can confirm the food in the fridges is the right temperature and our store is a normal temperature too.”

However, Mr Osborne still believes that Tesco has been hypocritical because of its message to 'save the planet' because its current energy saving system he described, as a joke.

He said he was anticipating the opening of a new Lidl store which he said he would visit instead.