The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust has seen improvements recognised in the results of a Care Quality Commission (CQC) maternity survey.

In September 2019, 295 women who used maternity services at the Harlow-based hospital during February 2019 were invited to answer 39 questions about the care and treatment they received.

Of the survey group, 116 women responded (38.93 per cent) – above the average response rate for the other acute trusts surveyed nationally (36.5 per cent).

Key feedback included that women rated the services 9.2/10 for having confidence and trust in the staff who were caring for them during labour and birth, up from 8.8/10 in 2018.

Women also ranked an average of 9.6/10 for being treated with respect and dignity during labour and birth compared to 8.8/10 in 2018.

Additionally, midwives were also ranked highly when asking new mothers about their mental health postnatally, scoring 9.6/10

Areas that greatly improved from the last survey included concerns during labour and birth were taken seriously (9.1/10 rating in 2019, from 7.0/10 rating in 2018).

Jacqui Featherstone, associate director of midwifery at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, said: “We are pleased to see improvements we have been working to implement reflected in the experience women have had at our hospital.

“We are continuing to focus on key areas around continuity of care, increased choice for women about locations they are cared for during their pregnancy, and sharing of a wide range of helpful information about support services, including mental health support, to further improve our maternity services.”

Sharon McNally, director of nursing, midwifery, and Allied Health Professionals, said: “We are dedicated to continuing to make improvements to our services for women, their partners and families.

“We are using the feedback we have received to build on this for the future.”