Cadent engineers have said that thousands of litres of water are being pumped out of the gas network following a burst water main last week.

In an update on Tuesday morning, Cadent confirmed hundreds of engineers are working in the area to restore gas to affected properties.

A statement from Monday night (January 27) said: "We have begun to restore supplies to some properties; however, we are still continuing a complex operation to pump tens of thousands of litres of water from our gas mains.

"We are removing water at lots of different points across a wide area. As soon as we’re confident all the water is out from a particular street, or wider area, our engineers will start knocking on each door and do what they need to do to get your gas supply safely restored.

"Understandably, we are being asked a lot for details on when each street will be going back on gas and we will update you as soon as we are able to confirm this."

Cadent is also reminding residents and business owners in the TW9 area to avoid trying to switch on their gas supply as this has to be carried out by a qualified engineer from Cadent.

Once Cadent have restored gas to streets they will then need access residential homes to check gas is flowing safely to gas appliances.

Cadent have asked residents to make arrangements to ensure that they will be home so that Cadent can check to see if the gas supply up and running.

If residents need to make alternative arrangements they are advised to contact Cadent on 0345 835 1111 or to pop down to Richmond Hill Hotel to speak with a member of its customer team.