A scheme designed to reduce through traffic in residential parts of East Sheen has been dropped after a council U-turn.

Cllr Alexander Ehmann described the outcome as 'disappointing', but described Richmond as a "listening council" for taking onboard the concerns of residents.

Last summer the council asked residents for their views for a potential low traffic neighbourhood scheme.

More than 1,593 responses were provided and it was clear to Richmond that residents did not support any of the four proposed schemes, the existing experimental measures, or even a consultation on a proposed CPZ.

In a statement made to the council, Cllr Ehmann, said: “We always said that ‘all options remained on the table’.

"Yesterday’s decision truly underlines that this is a listening council.

“We considered all the feedback we’ve had throughout this wider two-year process and while it is of course disappointing to see a return to the pre-2018 arrangements, the absence of a consensus on a way to improve East Sheen’s traffic issues, meant this outcome is the only appropriate approach.

“The Council is proud to have grappled with a tough issue like this in an attempt to improve people’s lives.

"Not every such endeavour will be met with wholesome support and in cases like this it’s important to know when to ‘call time’.

“The Council remains keen to work with local residents of the area and if a consensus is to emerge from 12 months of resident-led discussion, I will be only to keen to explore the potential for its delivery.”

The scheme was initially designed to keep through-traffic on the most appropriate roads and discourage drivers using less appropriate residential roads.

However - after a series of detailed engagements with East Sheen residents, the Council decided to go against implementing the scheme.

Instead, the Committee agreed that for at least the next 12 months, it will not deploy any major Low Traffic Neighbourhood highway changes in the area and residents are encouraged to use the moratorium to discuss the traffic issues more extensively.

East Sheen has suffered from an increase in traffic that has spread onto local residential roads between Richmond Park (Sheen Gate) and the Upper Richmond Road West (South Circular).

Pressures on the local road network were also worsened following the emergency closure of Hammersmith Bridge.