Cadent have claimed to have reached 'a key milestone' in its bid to restore gas supplies to residents and businesses in Richmond and Kew.

Specialist teams at Cadent have confirmed that thousands of litres of water has successfully been pumped out of its gas network.

This means that around ten per cent of businesses and homes now have a running gas supply.

A Spokesperson from Cadent said: "This is clearly great news for some, but we’re very mindful that for the remaining 90 per cent that’s likely to mean another evening without gas. 

"The number of homes to which we can restore gas supply should gather pace through the day.
"We’ll again have lots of engineers stationed in Richmond, ready to visit your home and safely restore supply, once we are satisfied all the water is out of the pipes near to your home.
"We hope to get as many of you back on gas tomorrow as we can, but there are likely to be some areas where extracting the water will be tricky." 

Cadent have advised that extracting water from the gas network could last until January 28. 
Cadent will need access to homes to restore supply and check that all household appliances are working safely. 

Around 1,200 homes and businesses in the TW9 area had been left without gas supply since January 23, after a burst water main leaked into the network.

Cadent also thanked residents for being 'amazing' for bearing with them as they tried to restore gas supply to the area.

In the meantime, Cadent are also advising residents to not attempt to restore their own gas supply as it needs to be restored by a qualified engineer who is scheduled to visit homes to see if there is a gas flow and that household appliances are working safely.

The gas network have also confirmed that there is a team on site who will be carrying out home checks and that the incident is expected to last until January 28.

Residents are advised to either make arrangements to be home or to have a trusted neighbour, friend or relative who will be able to give the engineer access to the property so that they can carry out the relevant safety checks.

Residents can also pop down to the Richmond Hill Hotel or the Cadent mobile unit near Sheen Road to speak with a member of the Cadent team.

You can contact the team at 0345 835 1111 or send a direct message to @CadentGasLtd on Twitter.