Daniel Whiffen, 25, from Erith, saw the likes of Jose Enrique, Romeo Beckham and Franck Ribéry share his recent video.

The video has received around 3.2 million views on football platform 433 and nearly 600,000 views on Football Wave.

Since the post, Daniel has been approached by brands for collaboration.

Commenting on the response Daniel said:

"It was a surprise to see that my video was posted by the most followed football content social media account in the world.

"I did not expect that at all, or for it to be recognised by a Champions League winner/World Cup runner-up Frank Ribéry.

"He must have seen some pretty cool things in his time so for him to acknowledge and like my video is a nice bonus on top of the applauds the video received."

To see more of Daniels football content you can follow him on Instagram at danwhiffenfs