A Mitcham woman has spoken out in the hope of preventing future vandalism to her father's grave after a set of fake testicles and a dildo were left there.

Kelly Deacons made a trip to Merton and Sutton Cemetery in Garth Road last week to visit her father who passed away years ago.

To her horror she found sex toys strewn across his memorial in place of the flowers she had previously left.

But worst of all is that this isn't the first time it has happened.

"The first instance was in 2016," she told the Wimbledon Times.

"We had put flowers down but they were then removed and replaced with balls on spikes.

"The second time someone smashed a religious ornament left for him.

"But last Friday was the worst. On this occasion there were balls on spikes and fake penises where the flowers should have been. It was extremely distressing."

Kelly is now at her wits' end as to how she can stop the problem.

She has spoken to the people at the cemetery who said CCTV isn't an option, which she said was "completely understandable."

She called police about the matter, but said she was told it would be hard to make arrests in this instance.

"At the moment it just seems that they can go anytime they like and lord knows what they’ll put next time," Kelly added.

"I just want it in the public eye to let them know they can’t keep doing it.

"Hopefully if it happens again, someone else at the cemetery will see something."

A Met Spokeswoman said: "Alleged damage to a graves at Merton and Sutton Cemetery in Garth Road, Morden has been reported to police.

"The incident is believed to have happened around 11am on Friday, January 10.

"There have been no arrests."