An MP has told a developer to admit defeat after a “garden-grabbing” scheme was turned down by councillors.

Chipping Barnet MP Theresa Villiers urged Millen Homes to abandon plans to build six semi-detached houses over back gardens and surrounding land at 49 and 51 Beresford Avenue, Brunswick Park.

The six homes are classed as “passive” housing, which is designed to minimise energy use.

It comes after a bid to develop the site was rejected for the sixth time at a meeting of Chipping Barnet Area planning committee on Tuesday (January 7).

Ms Villiers warned the scheme would be out of character, worsen existing parking problems and lead to the loss of green space and wildlife habitat.

But Millen Homes defended its plans – which had been recommended for approval by Barnet Council’s planning bosses – and said it will not be deterred by Ms Villiers’ “fears”.

Speaking after the meeting on January 7, Ms Villiers said: “This unanimous decision by councillors should really be the death knell for these unacceptable proposals.

“The promoters of this hugely controversial scheme should now admit defeat, move on, and leave the people of Beresford Avenue in peace to enjoy their neighbourhood without the fear that yet another totally inappropriate plan will soon be lodged. Enough is enough.”

This Is Local London:

In her presentation to the committee, the Chipping Barnet MP said: “We should be looking to conserve back gardens, not grab them for development.

“This is a borough which is delivering more home-building than almost any other in London. That means that it’s possible to deliver the new homes we need without accepting proposals like this one, which will wreck the quality of life of people who live in Beresford Avenue.

“The life people can lead in a place like Beresford Avenue is at the heart of the appeal this place has for families, and back-land developments like this one should be resisted wherever possible.”

Millen’s appeal against a decision to refuse permission in August 2019 was dismissed by a government planning inspector, who raised several concerns about the scheme.

The developer later revised its plans, and council officers said the most recent proposals addressed the planning inspector’s concerns.

A spokesman for Millen Homes said it is troubling the UK’s Minister of Environment seeks to oppose passive homes.

They said: “If the very MP responsible for the future of climate change in this country can’t recognise sustainable development, there isn’t much hope for future generations.

“She has chosen not to comment on any of the sustainable benefits of the scheme, which is staggering considering her position.”

The spokesman added: “Every Millen development seeks to achieve the highest levels of environmentally friendly development with renewable energy, tree planting and biodiversity enhancement.”

Ms Villiers responded: “I support building new homes in my constituency where high standards of design are used and where the development is in tune with the surrounding suburban area.

“It is also important to ensure that there is sufficient local infrastructure capacity to support new homes before they can be given the go ahead.

“But I will always campaign against over-development, including attempts to build high-rise blocks of flats in low-rise suburban Barnet.”