Waltham Abbey Town Council has confirmed their budget for 2020-21 which include several minor price increases.

A precept of £871,888 for the next financial year has been agreed, with a 2.45 per cent increase with the town council's share of a Band D bill totalling £213.82.

Band D householders will also have to pay 3.5p more per week following an increase to the share of council tax bills.

A sum of £30,000 has been included for policing costs and a further £45,000 to its capital fund throughout the financial year.

New boilers for the Town Mead changing rooms are expected to cost £30,000 and £4,000 for a carbon neutral audit.

Residents will also see a two per cent increase in fees and charges, with the exception of child cemetery fees and the town market.

A town council report stated: "Members are reminded that although the revenue reserves at year end should now exceed the recommended lowest level, there is still some way to go before the council can be rightly described as a financially secure authority."