A teenage drug dealer who repeatedly punched a man in a violent robbery and assaulted a police officer has been jailed.

John Oakes, 18, of Granville Road, Gravesend, followed and repeatedly punched a man in Northfleet High Street before running off with his bag.

The incident took place around 11.15 pm on September 20, 2019.

According to police reports, the man was walking home from Northfleet Station when Oakes stopped him and asked him for money.

After refusing, the man was repeatedly punched in the head.

The attacker hounded the victim down the street and grabbed and punched him as he tried to escape.

Oakes kicked the victim’s legs away from him, causing him to fall over. He then stole the bag and fled the scene.

With the help of two passers-by, the victim followed Oakes in a van and managed to detain him and retrieve the bag, which contained an electronic tablet.

Officers were called and arrived at the scene.

Resisting arrest, Oakes kicked the police vehicle before spitting in an officer’s face.

Oakes pleaded guilty to robbery, criminal damage and assault of an emergency worker.

He was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on January 10.

Oakes also pleaded guilty to two counts of possession with intent to supply class A drugs.

Earlier last year, Oakes was stopped by officers in Perry Street, Northfleet.

He was found to have over 60 wraps of cocaine and heroin hidden in his clothing.

Oakes has been sentenced to a total of three years and eight months’ imprisonment.

PC Martin Stevens of North Kent CID said:"Oakes pursued the victim and continued to assault him in the high street in front of several passers-by, including children.

"He relentlessly attacked the man until he was able to steal his items.

"Thankfully, with the help of members of the public, he was detained, and we have now ensured he is off the streets so he can no longer pose a threat to others or deal drugs in the area."