The owner of the Mirror Shop on Woolwich Road has been prosecuted by Greenwich Council after obstructing the highway and "endangering pedestrians" with his merchandise.

Mr Clive Berry put items including full length mirrors, large animal sculptures and superhero figures on display outside his shop, located on an extremely busy main road.

The council said that these items were often tied or chained to the roadside railings without its consent, blocking the free passage of a highway and endangering pedestrians, especially parents with pushchairs, visually impaired people or people with accessibility issues.

Obstructing a highway without lawful consent is also an offence, and despite several visits and warnings from Greenwich Council's enforcement team, Mr Berry refused to comply with requests to move his array of goods from where they were blocking the highway and causing an obstruction.

Mr Berry was convicted for obstruction of a highway, unauthorised marks on a highway and for failing to comply with a community protection notice.

He has been ordered to pay a total of £872 in fines, as well as legal cost.

Cllr Jackie Smith, the cabinet member for children;s services and community safety, commented: "The Council has a legal duty to maintain the safety and usability of highways in the borough.

"By obstructing the pavement and chaining his merchandise to the railings, Mr Clive Berry was endangering pedestrians and moving traffic."

Cllr Smith said that despite trying to engage with Mr Berry to get him to stop, he refused. She added that this prosecution should serve as a reminder that no one is above the law in Greenwich, and that the council will not hesitate to prosecute those who break the rules.